Die Laughing

Barry Hammond is living the dream. Millions in his bank account, sports car on his drive, girlfriend by his pool, and the worship of football fans around the globe. But he loses it all to a bullet while out hunting deer on a Sunday afternoon.

Detectives Harry Hart and Asha Kanjaria are miffed to find themselves investigating a sport they hate and their misery deepens when they encounter a world of wealth, greed, celebrity and envy, while Asha could do without being hassled by their boss to be the force’s poster girl.

The player Hammond injured still bears a grudge. The agent who leeched off him is still clinging on. His rival is still consumed with jealousy. His girlfriend still mocks him. And there are plenty more people who despise a dead superstar who was as obnoxious as he was brilliant. But who loathed him enough to kill him? That’s the riddle Hart and Kanjaria will have to unravel as a captivated world looks on.

Die Laughing is the fourth Hart & Kanjaria detective novel. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download. You can read the first chapter by clicking on this link.

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