The Fifth Commandment

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It was obvious to everyone who knew him that Bernie Crowder was a saint. The guy worked his socks off for the Church, was great with kids, fun to talk to and women loved his wit and his stories, even though it was impossible to persuade him to brag about his courage under fire or his old war wound.

So how come Bernie’s life ended with him roasting in his armchair? Why would anybody kill a saint?

Chief Inspector Harry Hart probes for the answers while trying to solve the riddle of who’s been posing an elderly man’s garden gnomes into a porn show, a case which is strangely important to him. And Sergeant Asha Kanjaria’s mind’s on her date with a hunky fireman as well as a murder.

Harry and Asha dig into Bernie Crowder’s past and discover that his Church isn’t just made of saints. It’s got its share of sinners, too.

The Fifth Commandment is the third Hart & Kanjaria detective novel. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download. You can read the first couple of chapters by clicking on this link.

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