good girl, bad girl, dead girl

good girl, bad girl, dead girl coverBilly Mullins doesn’t extract much pleasure from his miserable life, but at least he gets to spy on the young woman in the apartment over the road as she entertains her male guests. Then one night his delight turns to horror as he watches her die. Apart from Chief Inspector Harry Hart and Asha Kanjaria, on her first day as a detective, nobody’s too bothered – after all, getting murdered is a hazard of a tart’s job. But when the dead woman turns out to be the daughter of someone important, the Chief Constable dispatches his own staff to Lockingham to help the investigation along.

While the rest of the word’s going frantic, Hart and Kanjaria probe the murder of a little girl a quarter of a century earlier,  discovering that it had unleashed a malice which simmered for all that time until it boiled over into the killing of a cherished young woman.

Good girl, bad girl, dead girl is the second Hart & Kanjaria detective novel. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download. You can read the first chapter by clicking on this link.

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