David Vann at the Bookworm Chengdu

???????????????????????????????I had a great time interviewing David Vann Monday night at the Chengdu Bookworm International Literary Festival.

David has written four novels, two non-fiction books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. His books have been translated into around twenty languages and earned as many awards. His first novel, Legend of a Suicide, sat around for twelve years because no one wanted to publish it. Then it won a small competition, got noticed and published and received terrific reviews. His latest book, Goat Mountain, is also highly acclaimed.

David’s novels tell stories of families struggling to form relationships with each other or the larger world. They reflect his own harrowing experiences as a boy and make for an enthralling and stimulating read.

David himself is absorbing company and fun to be around, a guy who had the audience both laughing and crying. It was a real pleasure spending time with him and having the chance to chat to him.


By andrewderham

My background in chemistry has taken me to live and work in the Arabian Gulf, Vietnam and China, but now I’m happily settled in Gloucester writing novels and short stories. There are currently four books featuring Harry Hart and Asha Kanjaria, with more to follow. The stories comprise suspense, laughter, tears, hard-nosed killers, barking-mad nutters, folks of monumental goodness and all the joys and miseries, vices and virtues of the human condition. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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